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Elliott Pest Control, LLC. is a Maine based family-owned pest removal and pest control company in the western mountains of Rangeley, Maine since 1998, servicing the control and removal of bats, carpenter ants, wasp and hornets, rodents/mice/squirrels, spiders and all unwanted pests in the areas of Rangeley, Oquossoc, Stratton, Eustis, Carrabassett Valley, Sugarloaf Mountain, North New Portland, Kingfield, Bethel, Strong, New Vineyard, and Farmington.


“I called several companies for my pest control problem, which ended up being many flying squirrels in the walls and attic. All the companies promised to get rid of the squirrels, but they didn’t educate me, so I understood my issue. Then I called Elliott Pest Control. Bill Elliott did more than making promises. He came to my place without charge, explained the issues, educated me in a language I could understand, so I felt comfortable hiring him, and he delivered results. Bill removed the flying squirrels, and they haven’t returned!

Bill, thanks so much for your time, patience, great service, and finally, a quiet attic and walls allowing me to have a restful night of sleep!”

Gregory Landry

Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Elliott Pest Control, LLC. Is A Maine Licensed Animal Damage Control Agent

Need carpenter ant extermination? Call Elliott Pest Control.
Go to our contact form and get in touch with Elliott Pest Control. We’ll give you a call within 48 hours and schedule an appointment at a time that works for both of us. We’ll go to your home, listen to your issue, examine the problem, suggest a solution, and give you a reasonable fee to solve all your issues.

The Top Four Home Pests: Carpenter Ants, Flying Squirrels, Bats, Hornets and Wasps

Western Maine Carpenter Ant Extermination

Carpenter Ants are large black ants that nest in wood. Carpenter ants will chew through sill plate, rafters, 2×4’s, and most any wood to build their nests, which is why they’re considered a major wood-destroying pest. Carpenter ant control can be difficult because they typically have more than one main nest. Because of this design, failure to get all connected nests will enable the local population to rebound following normal ant treatments. Once carpenter ant nests get located on your property, it’s only a matter of time before they start foraging inside the home. And once in your home, you must deal with this pest immediately.

Western Maine Squirrel Exclusion and trapping

The Flying Squirrel is the ultimate pest. Once inside your home, flying squirrels will make a lot of noise and cause damage. The first sign of this unwanted guest is a noise that may come from the attic or walls. The noise usually occurs at night since a flying squirrel is nocturnal, so flying squirrels make a great deal of noise between sunset and sunrise. Yes, flying squirrels can pose a serious challenge, but don’t be discouraged. Elliott Pest Control will need to seal up all holes in your home bigger than your thumbnail and any linear crack wider than your pinky finger. Flying squirrels can be responsible for starting fires by chewing on electrical wires.

Western Maine mouse exclusion and trapping

Bats exist throughout Maine. More than eight bat species live in Maine, from the common little brown bat to the less familiar silver-haired bat and red bat. The most common bats found in Maine buildings are the Big Brown and Little Brown bats and are the bats people see most often flying at night.

Most bats that live in Maine during the warm weather fly south before the cold weather strikes. Two Maine bats, the Little Brown and Big Brown, will hibernate in Maine during the winter months. These two bats will hibernate in caves or warm buildings, especially attics.

Western Maine Cluster Fly Extermination

Hornets And Wasps produce a painful sting. Perhaps the best separation between almost all Maine bees and wasps/hornets are their feeding habits and “body hair”. First, all hornets are wasps but not all wasps are hornets. All wasps/hornets develop as a predator or parasite of other insects or are scavengers. Wasps/hornets have generally a minor role in pollination (primarily done by the males) and have a comparatively much less “hairy” body than bees. The wasps/hornets that are problematics for Mainers are yellow-jacket wasps, paper wasps, and baldfaced hornet wasp.

We Use Environmentally Friendly Materials Which Will Minimize Insect Resistance Over Time 

Elliott Pest Control, LLC Offers Year-Round Care Contracts That Will Keep You Worry-Free

Our pest control service protects against pest invasions during every season of the year. Our year-round contract is a cost-effective way to keep insects and other pests from being a serious problem.

Numerous businesses and homeowners throughout Western Maine Region use the Service Plan offered by Elliott Pest Control since starting the company. We are committed to establishing trusting, long-term relationships with each customer by delivering the best customer service possible.

We Always Use Humane Wildlife Removal And Trapping Techniques

Wildlife Removal, Trapping And Control At Elliott Pest Control, LLC 

While it’s not unusual for people to take wildlife pest control for granted, many may not realize the vital role Wildlife Control Operators play in protecting public health and property from significant wildlife pest threats until they experience a wildlife problem firsthand. Wildlife can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets; plus, they’re just repulsive and a bother when they get into our pantry or leave urine, fecal matter, and foul odors when they enter your home or business.  Also, many wildlife and insect pests, such as termites, carpenter ants, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and bats, can cause costly damages to your property.



Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the house including entry points for utilities and pipes.


Keep tree branches and shrubbery well-trimmed and away from the house.


Keep basement, attics and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.


Store garbage in sealed containers and dispose of it regularly.

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