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About Elliott Pest Control, LLC – The Go To Company For Pest Control In Western Maine

Welcome to Elliott Pest Contol, LLC About Us Page. Let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Elliott. I started Elliott Pest Control in 1998. The company was incorporated in the same year.

One of the reasons I started the company was my view of the industry at the time. It was my belief that the industry needed to improve its overall reputation. In the late 1980’s it was almost impossible for a pest control technician to live on the pay the industry was paying. It was even harder for a pest control technician at that time to raise a family. The only way to make a real living in pest control was to own a business.

My Philosophy Is Simple

“My customer’s satisfaction with the services they are receiving while being understanding, courteous, respectful, and accountable.”

Bill Elliott – President Of Elliott Pest Control

Another reason Elliott Pest Control was started was to provide a pest control service in the Rangeley area that was specific to the climate and seasons of this area. Many companies were providing year-round pest control service to residential customers. However Maine winters dictate a completely different frequency. Service should be done based on the degree of infestation, as well as the climate and the pest habitat. It turns out that most pests, other than squirrels and mice, aren’t a problem in Maine in the middle of the winter.


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about elliott pest control nepma association member

Elliott Pest Control, LLC. Is A Maine Licensed Animal Damage Control Agent