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Elliott Pest Control, LLC
P.O. Box 1032
Rangeley, Maine 04970

Main Number or Text: 207-670-8834
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Secondary Number or Text: 207-491-6961
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At Elliott Pest Control Your Home Is Our Castle.


Elliott Pest Control, a Maine-grown business in Rangeley, Maine, has been protecting homes and commercial businesses like yours for more than 15 years. In that time, we’ve done more than just pest control, we've established personal relationships with our clients. Here are a few of our testimonials since we don't mind looking good!


Testimonial 1

"I thought I had termites because I had rustling sounds in my wall and large winged termite looking insects were showing up in my house. Mr Elliott from Elliott Pest Control explained to me that it was likely a carpenter ant colony from the description I gave him. After an inspection Mr. Elliott concluded it was carpenter ants and treated my home. After the treatment many ants started dying and the rustling sound went away after a few days. We have not seen or heard any ants in the house for a long while now save a few occasionally outside. It appears the treatment has been very effective. "

Joe Bishop, Farmington Maine

Testimonial 2

"It's been a year since Mr. Elliot helped us get rid of the flying squirrels that had infested our house. They had gotten so bold that they were coming into our bedroom at night and scampering across the floor--when they weren't running around in the walls keeping us awake.

We have had no sign of them since Bill finished his process. We are now squirrel free and well rested."

Best, Dawn

Testimonial 3

"We have used the services of Elliott Pest Control for several years now. Bill Elliott is nothing short of terrific as a business owner and provider of Pest Control services. Whether it is mice,bees, or carpenter ants, Bill Elliott will address your problem almost immediately and ensure that it is done right the first time.

Bill Elliott does' not " oversell" what you need to address the pest issues you have at your camp. Elliott Pest Control designs and provides a four seasons' solution to your pest issues and he follows up with the customer to see that the problem has been addressed.

Elliott Pest Control's services are effectively and efficiently applied right the first time. The customer can see that Bill Elliott is a business owner of great integrity who genuinely cares about the work he does around your camp.

I recommend with 5 👍👍👍👍👍 the services of Elliott Pest Control!."

Oqussoc, Bob