Flying Squirrels invade Carrabassett Valley homes once the cold weather hits Maine. Therefore, Wintertime means a “squirrel in home” experience for some homeowners in Carrabassett Valley, Maine. Many people use their homes as a weekend and holiday retreat. But, squirrels want full-time residence during the winter months and will take advantage of your home’s shelter. Squirrels generally invade in the fall and stay throughout the winter. But, they can utilize the household in the summer as well. So if you are a Carrabassett Valley Maine homeowner, and you hear chattering sounds in the shell of your home, these sounds generally indicate a nuisance squirrel invasion.

Flying Squirrels Invade Carrabassett Valley Me Grey Squirrel Photo

The Eastern Grey Squirrel

An extensive cast of squirrel characters live and play in Carrabassett Valley Maine homes, attics, and buildings. These frisky critters include grey, red, and flying squirrel.

Quite honestly, not many grey squirrels invade homes in the area. But when it does, the notorious Grey chews electrical wiring, insulation, and wood in a wall or attic.

Flying Squirrels Invade Carrabassett Valley Me Red Squirrel of Maine photo

The Maine Red Squirrel

Gnawing red squirrels, although cute, chew holes in the soffits of homes. They have the potential of making a racket, especially if they give birth to their young inside the house.

Being a communal species, flying squirrels often gather in Carrabassett Valley homes in numbers as high as 20 to 35 squirrels.

Flying Squirrels Invade Carrabassett Valley Me Flying Squirrel of Maine photo

The Maine Flying Squirrel

We often get calls from clients that ask, “What type of squirrels do I have?” Over the years, local ski enthusiasts often ask this question as well. There are a few clues that can give you an answer. If you hear chattering sounds in an attic or wall and primarily at night, probably Flyers have invaded your home. As a nocturnal squirrel species, flying squirrels activity dramatically increases at night. If most of the sounds happen in the daytime, we think you have a grey or red squirrel invasion.

Now that you know flying squirrels invade Carrabassett Valley homes during the cold winter months you should get proactive and give Elliott Pest Control a call. Given the many years of experience dealing with squirrels in beautiful Carrabassett Valley Maine, Elliott Pest Control stands out as the premiere squirrel removal company in The Valley and surrounding communities. We humanely remove squirrels, and we seal all squirrel entry points which prevents additional problems in the future. Customer satisfaction remains number one in all that we do!